Reclaim The End of Summer!

Summer is coming to an end! Though we still have over a month left of technical summer, back to school commercials are out, cranberries are starting to turn red and we are seeing more and more overcast days in New England. This time of year always makes me long for Autumn. It also reminds me of back to school time, which I haven’t been a part of for three years now. After spending seventeen years of my life going “back to school” it’s still hard to believe I don’t have to do so again this year. (That does not stop me from eyeing pens and notebooks in the office supply of Target, however).

My point, however, is that we still have a month of summer left to enjoy! It’s not to late to get that tan (or acquire a few more freckles and burns as it goes with my skin). Take a day off and go to the beach and plan a last minute camping trip. Here’s a list of things you can do to make the best of the remaining days of summer so that by the time fall comes you know that you lived your summer to the fullest.

* Catch fireflies in a jar (but don’t forget to let them go soon after!)
* Plan a beach day
* Go clam digging
* Call up a friend and spend a day at her pool (or invite one over to yours)
* Take a vacation day and just enjoy the sun
* Make homemade popsicles
* Lay outside at night and look at the stars
* Blow bubbles
* Use sidewalk chalk to express your inner artist
* Look up concerts playing in your area
* Make lemonade or sun tea
* Wear sunglasses everywhere
* Buy new bright colours for your bedroom
* Go on some sort of harbour cruise
* Take advantage of sales to go clothes shopping for next summer

What are your plans to reclaim summer?

<3. Melanie.Kristy



“When I was in Mexico I started praying to Ganesha and all these good things began happening to me.” – Olga Montenegro

Last Wednesday at yoga Olga asked they hold a charm of a peculiar looking elephant for her to pick up on Saturday. I was fascinated by this charm, as I believe elephants are beautiful creatures, but I did not know any more about it than that. Friday night, while watching Eat Pray Love (review comng soon) Elizabeth was in a sort of market in one scene in India where a small Ganesha statue was presented to her. My mouth dropped open as I realized that this statue was the same beautiful elephant that Olga wanted to purchase, and it stayed open even longer as the movie explained that Ganesha is a “remover of obstacles”.

“I need one of those,” I whispered to no one in particular. And I still believe I do. I’m still fascinated and ready to search out more information on this Hindu god. I already know which place in Plymouth I plan on looking, maybe once I have another paycheck (Incantations , if anyone is wondering) I’ll pick one up. I plan on using Ganesha in some sort of spiritual practice. As a once Athiest, I’ve come a long way. But I’m so incredibly agnostic that I’m open to believing in (almost) anything.

Have you heard of Ganesha before? So you pray to any “unconventional” gods?

<3. Melanie. Kristy