Wish It Was Sunday 08/23

It’s the dreaded Monday morning, a dark and rainy one at that. I’m left feeling like a failure from my one-day weekend (which, in case anyone was wondering, is not enough time to recover from a 50 work week) because I ate chicken with my lunch yesterday and all Saturday night contemplated giving up this Pescetarian business all together.

So all in all, I need a reminder of what is good about today.

* strawberries and berries for a snack
* the temperature is ideal, if albeit a little too wet
* there is a bar of chocolate in my purse
* gchat keeps me sane
* a three minute conversation with a certain guy this morning
* yoga last night (yoga any night seems to make me feel better in the AM)
* the Kitten  Mittons episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia airs tonight on Comedy Central

What is good about your day?

<3. Melanie.Kristy