Things I Love Thursday

– Jerry, my yoga teacher. He’s nothing short of amazing. How can you not be amazing when you’re 68 years old and teaching yoga?
– Urban Decay Eyelid Primer. I seriously thought there was something wrong with my skin, NO eyeshadow would ever stay on my eyes for more than approximately fix and a half minutes, seriously.
– Writing poetry in the point of view (and for the purpose of) fictional character
– One more shift before vacation!
– Planning to get a certificate to teach TESOL starting maybe next fall
– The weather has been feeling more like Fall lately!
– Looking forward to King Richard’s Faire next weekend
The Little Book of Hindu Deities   I need to invest in this book asap.
– Signing up for 20 Something Bloggers. Unfortunately the internet at my house is too slow for me to actually do anything on the site.
What do you l ove this week?
<3 Melanie.Kristy
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