Things I Love Thursday

*long weekends

* Mulholland Drive

*giving out mix cds

* “are you watching porn?” “I don’t think they play that on the Disney Channel…”

*my new netbook, it’s cute and pink and I can bring it to Borders and type like I am now and the battery life is UP TO EIGHT HOURS

*reading reviews on Lush’s website and plotting out what to buy next.

* looking at craft stores with my mom

* Black Cherry Chip Frozen Yogurt from Peaceful Meadows

* countdowns until spring (33 more days!)

*listening to The Format and Ingram Hill

* Brie with bread. Or fruit . or pie crust. Or by itself, really…

February Mixtape


Who needs physical love when you have music?

1. Iron & Wine – Teeth In The Grass

2. Yo La Tengo – My Little Corner of The World

3. Grace Potter – Something That I Want

4. Jack’s Mannequin – Spinning

5.  Ingrid Michaelson - Corner of Your Heart

6. Ellen Greene & Kristen Chenoweth – Birdhouse In Your Soul

7. PJ Harvey – One Line

8. Brandon Flowers – Magdelana

9. Lily Allen – The Fear

10. The Pierces – Boy In A Rock And Roll Band

11. Sara Bareilles – Let The Rain

12. Mandy Moore & Zachary  Levi – I See The Light

13. Emiliana Torrini – Unemployed In Summertime

14. Ben Folds – Fired

15. Jason Mraz – Live High

16. Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love

17. Josh Ritter – The Curse

Ohhhh Fridays <3


I write and I write and I never get the chance to type because I am work or I am in Borders forcing myself to write then I get home and I don’t want to type out what I’ve said. Sure maybe it’s a little bit of laziness, also I don’t have the time right now. And so my words go unsaid.

So while we’re here, let me tell you a few reasons why Fridays are awesome:

1. It’s the beginning of the weekend. At least, it is when you work the usual 9’5, which I do not. However, every other weekend after the end of February Fridays WILL be the beginning of the weekend for me. Awesome.

2. TGIF. Remember TGIF? Right now I feel like popping in Boy Meets World and pretending I’m back during the days when shows like Full House and Family Matters were the most exciting times of the week.

3. Payday. This one is self explanatory.

4. Movies are (usually) released in theaters on Fridays. Sometimes they’re released on Wednesdays, but that’s usually during the summer.

5. It can feel like date night.

6. Or it’s a perfectly peaceful night to stay at home.

7. I like TGIFriday’s Jack Daniel’s Sesame Strips. (Though overall I’mn tired at eating at most chain restaurants).

8. Sometimes I get out early on Fridays. This means I have extra time for naps.

9. Every other Friday my bedroom floor is vacuumed and my bed is made by a little cleaning fairy who visits biweekly.


The Cure writes songs like, “Friday I’m In Love

How To Survive Valentine’s Day Alone


This is my 26th year I’ll be alone on Valentine’s Day. By alone, I mean single. Each year it comes and it goes and I buy cute heart shaped things and give Valentines to my friends. Sometimes I work. Sometimes I have platonic dinner dates. My mom gives me cute festive decorations and some years my dad gives me a card.

Valentine’s Day is one of these days that has  basically turned into a “need not apply” day.

I am single. I am independent and I will celebrate me on this day because no one else will ever celebrate me the way I can. I think Valentine’s Day is a day that shouldn’t be ignored. Too many people disregard it. They get angry because they feel that Valentine’s Day is over-commercialized. It’s a Hallmark Holiday. I say, So what? Valentine’s Day is what you make of it.

And sure, no one should need a reason to share love with anyone. No one should only do something special for someone on one certain society promoted day. But this day is here to remind you to love someone. Sometimes we forget.

Here are some suggestions of ways to make Valentine’s Day special for you:

- Sleep in if you can – give yourself that time to get the extra sleep you deserve.
– Make Valentines for others – giving gifts is guaranteed to make yourself feel happier
– Take a bubble bath –  buy a bath bomb from Lush and soak until your skin turns into a raisin.
– Buy yourself flowers/ chocolates. I have them delivered to you while you’re at work.
– Take yourself on a date – dinner and a movie? Your treat? Why not, you deserve it.
– Exercise – run, do yoga, dance, walk with people you love. If you love your body, you’ll move it.
– Hit the sheets early and show yourself some love. (Details on that are for a whole other kind of blog, baby).

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Things I Love… Thursday

I’m completely aware that it’s Saturday, and not Thursday, but I had this post lined up for Thursday and I never had the chance to type it. I want to get back into writing Things I Love Thursday posts because it’s a way to focus on the good things in life, even if it’s for only one day a week. When I bought my daily planner earlier this year I started making things I love lists in every single day, filling up the pages that weren’t already scribbled on with my love list. Some circumstances made it so that I could not do that (while I was at work) anymore, and I lost the habit but I hope to get back into it today.

For anyone who is new to the concept of “Things I Love Thursday”, it was started by Gala Darling years ago as a way to express your love list. Gala still makes them, and other bloggers do the same.

♥ eating fruit for breakfast — I struggle with breakfast daily. Sometimes whatever I eat makes me feel like crap, but even on those days, if I eat fruit I’m still feeling alright :)
♥ Blueberry scented nail polish — This is a great pick me up to remind you to slow down. It makes me smile. I might have to invest in more scented nail polish (the scent lasts about a day or two).
♥ portabello mushroom sandwiches are amazing.
♥ Red Velvet Cupcake Wine

♥ Pushing Daisies marathons with Krista
♥ Zumba
♥ Finding ways to inspire myself

What do you love today?


California Here We Come

I bought and I’m pretty excited about that. The snow has STOPPED, it rained yesterday. I can see a little bit of the actual ground. This is amazing. I cannot even express it…

You know that song Boston by Augustana? Every time I listen to it, I wish he was singing the other way around. I absolutely love Boston, but I wish that song had the sentiments of leaving. I wish it sang about wanting to see the sunset, about going to California, instead. (Does anyone find it ironic that he sings about going to Boston where “no one knows my name” when the exact opposite was the theme song of Cheers, the TV show that took place in Boston?)

I’ve been missing California a lot lately. There are two places I am homesick for: California and Italy. The last time I was in either place was in the summer of 2007, and I’m finding myself at a loss as why I am not back at either place right now. But California and I have a much deeper relationship than what I have with Italy. In California there are people to miss, friendships I’ve lost touch with, relatives who live there. I miss simple little things like pesto bagels and In N Out signs. I miss the sunshine and that fact that I felt like I could breathe there. I miss driving by hills and watching cows grazing on the sides. There are so many parts of California I never got to explore, and just as many that I want to see again.

I want to take a road trip down the 101, listen to Phantom Planet and drink smoothies while wearing sunglasses and singing loudly. I want to see San Diego and spend more time on the beaches. I want to go to all of the places Francesca Lia Block talks about in all of her novels. I’d design my own FLB field trip. Take pictures of everything. I want to go to Santa Monica and sing Savage Garden while I ride the ferris wheel. I want to make my way through Hollywood, put my hands inside hand prints of stars. I want to drive up up up until I’m in San Fransisco. I want to eat ice cream at Ghiradelli and drive over the Golden Gate bridge, through the rainbow tunnel into Sonoma County where I lived for almost a year. But that’s not all, I want to keep going. Up along the coast, down the scary roads that are on the sides of cliffs that over look the ocean.

I want. I want. I want. But I am here right now. So you might be subjects to tales of wander lust, picture posts and lots of… me.

I’m working on writing more. I know this is my blog and there’s no need to apologize for anything I say or don’t say in here. But promising to write makes me feel a little more accountable, like there’s enough people out there reading who are excited to see my posts.


Winter: Waiting to be Reborn.



It’s been snowing for years. There’s three feet of dirty hard snow covering our lawns, piles that reach higher than your head up against the road because there is no place for it to go. Can you imagine the world turning into a river if spring ever comes? We’d make rafts of our sleds and close our eyes, holding on to the sides and laughing while gliding away, away, away… One night I made a snowman by the light of my headlights. It was full of pieces of grass and bits of dirt. It’s snowed five times since then, washing out the snowman in a sea of angry white. We can’t get by with just one of anything, snow shoes do not equal work shoes, layers of clothing to keep us warm. Maybe there hasn’t been a sun in months, I wouldn’t really know. People are wrapping themselves around telephone poles because they hit the breaks too fast, buildings are collapsing into themselves because of the weight of three feet of snow. And nothing has melting, no. Not until today it rained for a while before turning to ice. Our streets turned into frozen rivers, our puddles teasing with the hard layer that sits on top. Geese try to hide their faces from the brutal winds, but the water is too cold to offer release. The children are going to attend school well into the summer, melting with humidity and yearning for freedom. We delight in the delays, but it takes just that much longer to heat up the car, clear off the snow, find that spare glove. Did you know you can get pulled over for having snow on your roof? No kidding? Tonight I drove home with ice beads pinned to my wind shield. There have been days when I’ve driven with my hand clutching the door closed. First the door is frozen closed, then the latch it frozen and it won’t stay. I locked myself out of my running car because the lock stopped working, when I thought I was unlocking it, I really locked it up. My brother has been working for approximately four weeks straight. Snow plows can’t make any more room, snow blowers keep aiming snow right into the streets. Our gloves are wet and our skin dry from the cruel games this weather plays.

A few years back I unintentionally started my own tradition to begin the spring countdown on the first day of the year. I could go without January and February and think nothing of it. I miss living in California, the warmth of the sun during the day, the complete lack of snow. I miss not feeling like I may never see the sun, ever again. I miss green and life. These are the burning days of the pheonix, waiting to be reborn.