Internet Wandering

Some good reads you should check out while I spend my weekend creating experiences to write about and hiding out with my netbook pondering life and ignoring carpal tunnel (What are your weekend plans?).

I’ve been so anxious lately. General, obscure anxiety. So this post came at a perfect time for me. Judgment does not come from a high place looking down. It comes from a scared place projecting out. Like a frightened animal baring it’s teeth.

Being a twenty-something is hard work. It’s not what it used to be so the adults (because I don’t consider myself an adult? I’m not sure. Older adults?) don’t quite understand why we’re here doing what we’re doing living in our childhood homes or not quite settling down. Or working our “dream” jobs or even know what our dream jobs are. 10 Things Nobody Warned Me About My Twenties

A Manifesto on Calorie Counting that I only partially agree with (I think calorie counting can be helpful for figuring out how much of the right foods someone should be eating. When you’re still starving all day, calorie counting helps you figure out if you’re really hungry or if your mind is going in different ways). But it’s a good read either way.

I want to chalk my hair.

25 Clever Ideas to make Life Easier. Rubbing a walnut over scratched furniture to disguise dings and scrapes? -rubs walnuts all over my bedroom floor-

How Avoiding Refined Sugar Changed A Woman’s Life. I keep on meaning to cut out sugar. I keep on trying to for like, a moment in time and the thought fades. But really, I need to. Posts like these convince me more and more that I should cut down.

Printable Love Notes

On Sunday I went to a reading at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City. Here’s a review of the reading, and here’s a video of the last piece — the girls read from Francesca Lia Block’s story The Real Housewives of Mount Olympus.


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It’s Already the Middle of January

I go through periods where, though I feel like it’s possible that I have tons to say, my words are stuck inside my mouth choking me as I stared wide-eyed out the window wishing for the snow to stop. Nothing feels important enough to write about, and yes not writing feels too important in a bad way. I think up posts that have nothing to do with actual writing. Then I ask myself why I am blogging if I am not going to write. Regardless, I guess I feel I owe it to someone to spit these words into the blogiverse and hope in time it corrects itself. (It always does).

In the mean time, here are some things to keep you going, widen your horizen or just plain entertain.

Recipes for a Green Monster Smoothie by Oh She Glows. I really do love green smoothies. I love them for breakfast, but it’s not really a great time to make smoothies in the a.m. if while I’m walking out to my car my feet become smoothies on the way. (I woke up to snow this morning, it turned into rain. The streets are puddles).

Adopt Rinah.

This is a really touching story. I love that people love so much.

Make Love Not Horcruxes


Kyla Roma has this great tutorial for how to make your own day planner. The one she pictures is totally adorable!

This girl is trying to raise $14,000 by May 6th 2011, the 14th Hanson Day to donate to Hope From The Heartland, a nonprofit organization that’s associated with Take The Walk.

Care to be pointed out the redundancy and poor grammar that makes up all fives books that make up the Twilight Series? Check it out here. I’m pretty fond of the posts addressing people who get mad at her for her blog. Also the FAQs are amusing.

Why don’t you commit to three weeks of yoga? (The commitment is hard, I know. I’m working on attempting to do day one. Currently the way my monitor sits and the fact that my floor is messy is keeping me away from this attempt.)

The Golden Girls is an awesome show. Just ask my best friend. Orr you could watch this episode. It will definitely win you over.

And I leave you with my book suggestion of the day: The Hunger Games (trilogy, really) by Suzanne Collins. Dystopia, teenagers fighting to the death while the entire world watches obsessively, a boy whose father owns a bakery, colourful characters and a girl who doesn’t realize her actions are starting a revolution.