Cupcake The Musical

If you’re in Boston any time in the next six weeks, I recommend you head on over to the back bay area, eat dinner at Club Cafe and then see the Cupcake The Musical right after.

Cupcake The Musical is a whimsical story about a baker boy who sells his cupcakes on the streets of Summertown, a librarian and a life guard who are both crushing on said baker boy, and a cop who is trying to shut baker boy down. It’s a short, sweet musical that includes talk about magic cupcakes (which I happen to be writing a novel about currently), a few not so subtle innuendos and a real estate agent/ judge named Judy/”and others” who makes reference to her playing more than one character. Club Cafe coffers cabaret style seating and rows of theater seating as well as a drink menu complimenting the characters concocted from Cupcake Vodka.

You can find Cupcake on Facebook, also.

Church Protests a Funeral

I try not to get too involved with politics. Usually whatever is going on makes me so angry that I guess I choose ignorance. Only sometimes, though. (And I’m hoping to figure out the best way to change that). When I came into work today Kristen was talking about an article  she read and we all started talking so much about it I was sick to my stomach.

I don’t understand hate. I really don’t. And maybe I’m naive because of this, but I also choose not to understand it because it destroys. It destroys people. It destroys faith. It destroys families. It destroys humanity.

There was a man from Plymouth who was killed in Afghanistan recently. He arrived home on Wednesday and his services are set to happen this upcoming Sunday and Monday. And there is a Baptist Church from Kansas who is protesting the funeral of this soldier on Monday. They don’t agree with the war that’s going on and they are going to protest against the support of Steven Gutowski, our fallen soldier.

I don’t want to share the name of the website because it makes me sick, but I’m going to anyway for that very same reason. God Hates Fags.

I honestly can’t even form a coherent post about this, I’m writing just to raise awareness. There’s plans to protest the protest on Monday, but I’ll be at work so I can’t go. If anyone can go, I urge you to. Feel free to read that article and vote on their poll or leave a comment, too.

Has anyone else heard about this? What’s your opinion? have you heard about other protests like this? Apparently this same group protested Steve Jobs’ funeral. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around this type of hate.