Saturday Seven

One thing I love for each day of this week.
* A date for Indian lunch today. So good. I’m obsessed with Indian food and I have cravings all of the time. I had Paneer Tikka, veggie samosas and rosemary naan.
* Making plans for this blog. It basically involves me posting more. Shocking. It also involves an attempt to be consistent. More pictures, books, love in general.
* Finding Drive Time Italian on my external hard drive. I can’t wait to put that to use.
* What’s Eating You? On E!. I’m fascinated by eating disorders and every component that is involved with them. I also like knowing that these people are getting help. Or trying to.
* Having a Saturday night off without asking for it. My plan is to watch movies and do yoga. (Unless, of course, my brother is home. Then I’ll probably nix the yoga.)
* Hanging out with this little dude. Even if it involves chasing him all over Walmart and spinning him in circles.
* 20 Something Bloggers. Community is key. I need to get involved.
Also, bonus: I’m in the process of creating a writer’s group. Our first meeting was on Tuesday. (I’ll admit I wasn’t the one who started it all, but I’m going to do my best to get more writer’s involved). So hopefully I’ll be writing even more.

Seven Things!

Pizza in Lucca, Italy

So, Kate from I Dream Loudly tagged me to do a Seven Things post. Being one who absolutely loves lists, how could I object to that? Even though I just ate lunch and I’m full and sticky from my own sundae invention (Peaceful Meadows apple crisp yogurt, toast coconut, “cinnimon crunchies” etc Cinnimon Toast Crunch and butterscotch YUM) — don’t ask how I managed to spill it all over myself — I am going to list foods that I absolutely love.

Food and I have a love/hate relationship. But regardless, my tastebuds love it. And when I fall for a dish, I fall hardcore. So here’s a list of the top seven foods that I absolutely love and would eat well, whenever.

Listed in alphabetical order because I don’t have the heart to pick favourites ABOVE the list that I’ve made.

Clam Chowder - You already know about my love of Clam Chowder from this post, so it automatically has to make the list.

Ice Cream – I’ve worked on and off in an ice cream shop since I was sixteen. Right now, it’s how I spent my Saturday nights. I could also eat ice cream every day. It’s so cold and sweet and creamy and delicious.

Peanut butter and banana sandwiches – Especially grilled, these beat out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches any day. I love the flavours together, and it what’s even better is that it’s an Elvis Sandwich. Who wouldn’t love a meal preferred by The King?

Pizza – Okay, so I couldn’t really pick favourites but I must admit that pizza trumps everything else, ever. I could eat pizza every day. In fact, I often do. Of course the best pizza I’ve ever eaten was in Italy, but I’m not about to turn my nose up at an amazing slice right here. Some of my favourites are mushroom, white/ Greek, and extra cheese.

Smoothies – I love smoothies because they’re so versitle. They can be the perfect breakfast, dinner or snack. I’m not talking about the smoothies that McDonald’s now offers, either. I’m talking about the home made kind. The kinds where you throw in whatever seems to pop out at you. I tend to use brozen berries with milk and either a Weight Watchers shake packet or cocoa powder or any other powder especially if it has protein. I’ll add in peanut butter or flax seeds too. Lately I’ve been adding baby spinach to my smoothies. You can’t taste it, but it makes the smoothie turn green. How fun is that? Not to mention the added benefits of getting spinach daily (okay, so I haven’t been making them daily, but I should be!).

Tofu Fritters – I’ve only been able to find these at one Thai restaurant I’ve been to. This makes me wonder if they aren’t actual a Thai appetizer, but one of the other cuisines they offer (Malasyan and Japanese specifically come to mind). This is how they’re described on the website for The Chattabox. (Mind you, they’re also called TUFU Fritters on the site, though the menu says otherwise…) Smashed tofu with shredded vegetables in tempura flour, deep fried until golden brown. Served with cucumber mint sauce.

Vegetable Samosas – I’ve tried making these on my own, I’ve bought them frozen at Hannafords (though, I can’t seem to find the anymore, what’s up with that?) and I order them every time I’m in an Indian Restaurant. I find myself craving them sometimes when it’s been too long.

Also, Secret Society of List Addicts does guest posts every Tuesday. Should I think up some creative lists and send in for a guest appearance?