Reasons You Should Read Wanderlove

(if you type wanderlove into google images, my face pops up, ha! it’s because I vaguely mentioned the book when I finished it back in this post here)
It’s about passion and giving up that passion, and how it comes back to you.
The title. Wanderlove. It’s Wander Lust but so much more.
Guatamala and Belize. Beautiful descriptions, Maya ruins, a chicken bus, a Chinese dragon tattoo and the name Starling.
There’s a crushworthy guy character whose face you actually get to see at some point during the book.

Wanderlust Italy 2

Most of these photographs I don’t even have words for. They just are.
See Part 1

Wanderlust Italy 1

This is the first of many posts where I share pictures from my trip to Italy five years ago. I can’t believe it’s been five year. Italy was a country I was homesick for before I’d ever been and I dream about going back there every day. It was eating gelato multiple times a day, living in a walled city, discovering how to communicate all over again, the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten, hurry up and wait, so much sunshine, postcard days, comfort in something foreign, trying limoncello, pizza with whole olives rolling off the slices, daily markets, siesta every afternoon, magic unfolding everywhere.


* I recently discovered picmonkey and I’ve been addicted to making pictures look awesome. So that’s where these were all edited.